Maya Florence


I was able to spend a day with Joanne and her horse last Winter, about March. Joanne introduced me to Mounted Shooting and explained to me the basics and showed me the first steps and what it is about. I really enjoyed spending the day with her. Joanne is such a nice, loving, caring and patient person. and absolutely fun to hang out with. She is able to explain things to you in a very easy and understanding way and doesn’t complicate things. Her horse was absolutely amazing and well trained  She let me ride her gelding and even put up a little pattern for me to get a first feeling for mounted shooting, even though I wasn’t allowed to shoot off the horse without permits. She also showed me dry shooting on the ground with her as an instructor always next to my side. I really enjoyed her undivided attention and patience with me and making it such a fun day for me. And, most important, I cant wait to start with Mounted Shooting as well! Loving it already. Horses and guns, how much better could it be!

Kendra Karch-Sinclair

Joanne and I met through the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting about 8 years ago. As this discipline has grown, so has the calibre of horses, our sports requirements upon them, and the skill level of the riders. I’ve moved through several horses since I first started competing, and in 2013 I was fortunate enough to acquire “Bentley” through Joanne. This beautiful red Dunn was trained by Joanne for not only our event, but so much more. She spent countless hours ensuring that Ben had a solid ground work foundation. Joanne knew that when I was looking for a horse to compete on, Bentley and I were a perfect fit for each other. After riding him for only an hour, I truly fell in love with this amazing horse and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to feel how quickly we “clicked”. I know that Joanne wanted to make sure that we were well-matched, so I continue working with Joanne through riding lessons. Working with Joanne on my riding and shooting skills further helped build my confidence and trust in my ability. In fact, Bentley and Joanne were one of the reasons for all my successes (and buckles) in the 2014 shooting season. Joanne has an amazing ability to assess both horse and riders skill levels, strengths and weaknesses, then determine compatibility. Bentley continues to be an integral part of my family. Thanks to Joanne’s emphasis on each horse’s ground work, Bentley is also the horse that has become my husband’s main shooting and riding horse too. The reason this is so amazing is that Bob has been winning his fight over pancreatic cancer since 2013. We only have a short season in which he is strong enough to ride and shoot. There was never a doubt about having Bentley as our “go to horse”. Bentley totally takes care of him whenever he is mounted. This is a testament to Joanne’s skill and discipline as a horse trainer. In 2015, we started looking for another horse to be a back-up horse for myself or a horse for Bob. Once again Joanne came through for us with a horse named “Bobby”. Joanne knew our horse requirements and our riding abilities. She proved her aptitude to accurately assess the horse and rider suitability. Joanne was spot on! Recently, Bobby became our other shooting horse, for both myself and my husband. Joanne has provided me with a vast amount of knowledge and sage advice regarding horses, horse care, riding and shooting skill development. She has been a reliable source that has always been there for me in a pinch when something unexpected has happened to my shooting partners. I have continued to rely on her abilities and skills over the years and will do so, into the future.

Debra Smith

I had the pleasure of taking some preliminary riding lessons with Joanne Tonneson during the summer of 2015. Along with being a very knowledgeable horsewoman, Joanne was patient and displayed good communication skills. What sets her apart is her ability to explain how the horse see’s and understands different situations and in turn teaches you how to communicate with the horse better. Joanne was very encouraging and supportive. She was skilled in assessing my riding level and from there systematically taught me the necessary skills to build a better platform from which to grow as a rider. She has the ability to give you a ‘can do’ feeling no matter what your skill level or age! I would not hesitate to recommend Joanne as a professional and compassionate leader of both horses and people.

Lori Pollock

I believe Joanne Tonneson is a great coach she as helped my daughter gain her confidence with her horse Pepper. Even though I don't barrel race, I have still been able to get advice from her to help Jewel. I believe Joanne has great work ethics and would highly recommend her for a coach to anyone.

Debra Rowney

I had such a good jackpot. I really concentrated on sitting and tried not to pull Lucy back. We had our best shoot to date, our times were the best we ever did. Thank you so much for your help, your the reason we are doing this well. Lucy did better than I could have hoped for at the shoot in Edson. She won us our class.

Jewel Pollock

Hello my name is Jewel Pollock I am twelve years old and attend school at St Matthew School in Rocky Mountain House, and I have known Joanne Tonneson since September of 2014 when I bought my horse Pepper from her. Ever since I met Joanne I have done nothing but improve by 100%. I went from a beginner barrel racer to a competitive athlete, I look up to Joanne as a role model. She never hesitates to help me. Whenever I need help I give Joanne a call and she discusses with me what I should work on to improve my riding. We have anywhere between 15 minute conversations to hour talks over the telephone. I have taken a clinic with her and she has also come down to Eckville to help me personally. She also let me stay with her last year at her daughters house and took me to my first barrel racing jackpot with Pepper at the Calnash Ag Event Centre in Ponoka. We got there a few hours early, had breakfast and got our game face on. She helped me warm up and guided me through every step of way. My confidence has gone up and with that came a great amount of success. I would recommend Joanne to anyone for anything. She is an amazing person and I believe everyone could benefit from a helpful woman like her.