Shortcut Properties - Shortcut Key. Describes how to open file or folder properties quickly in Windows File ... System Properties. Tap This PC, and press Alt+Enter on the keyboard. I just want to know... how can I get the System Properties shortcut (Windows logo key + Pause)? 2. The o key Opens the selected shortcut when right clicking and the the p displays the Properties. System protection: SystemPropertiesProtection.exe; Advanced system properties: SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe; You can simply create shortcuts to all of the .exe files that are stored in system32. ... All Shortcuts tested under Windows 8.1; ... System Properties: ... Windows 8 Explorer Shortcuts. Display the properties of the object you double-click on in Windows ... Open the System Properties window. There are no comments yet. 1. Step Right-click on the Windows 8 desktop, click on on New Shortcut 2. When i right click on My Computer icon and click Properties, System Properties window open for a This command works from command prompt also. Way 4: Open System Properties via searching. Way 3: Turn it on via keyboard shortcuts. 99 time-saving Hotkeys for Windows Run Commands. Win+1, 2, 3, 4, etc. Way 5: Turn it on in Control 99 time-saving Hotkeys for Windows Run Commands. How to Access System Properties in Windows 8 In this video I show you three ways to access the System properties in Windows 8. Have you selected the option to Underline the keyboard shortcuts and access keys? Run command for opening System properties or Computer properties in Windows. This command works from command prompt also. To comment, you must login. I tested this on 2 Windows 8 computers. Learn more than one method to open system properties on Windows 8 computer in this post. Way 2: Open it via This PC and keyboard shortcuts. will launch each program in your taskbar. This also works in Windows Vista for the quick launch icons. Complete List of all Windows 8 Shortcuts in the KeyRocket Shortcut Database. Hi, I recently bought the Logitech K375s until now it works fine. 1. It is helpful then to keep your most used programs at the beginning of your task bar so you can open them one right after another. Click the Ease of Access Type system in the search box on taskbar, and select System in the result. Tap or click on the Control Panel icon under Windows System. For example to open the system properties in Windows XP you can ... ways to open the system properties in Windows 8, ... in Windows 8; Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts; Create Shortcuts To System Settings. Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. Be the first to add one. Press the WinKey + X to display the system menu and select Control Panel. I am unable to access system properties of my windows 8 pro. I can say Windows Operating System has the same rundll32 found in it's all versions Run command for opening System properties or Computer properties in Windows. Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Here are some common ways to open Advanced System Properties in Windows 10. Global Windows Shortcuts. This section describes the individual properties within the Windows Property System that can be set on Windows files. Press Windows+Pause/Break on the keyboard. Windows 8 Display the System Properties dialog box WINKEY KEY+PAUSE Shortcut permalink Back to Windows 8 shortcuts Tweet Comments.